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10 Advantages of Hiring the Services of a Translation Company

When two companies work together, the result is that value is created for both.


Learn about the advantages of choosing a translation company that is made up of proficient professionals and has considerable project management capacity.

In previous articles, we shared some advice on “How to Find and Hire a Translation Company”. In that same line, we now provide further insight and suggestions on this topic and explain the main advantages of hiring a translation company.


1) Not mere intermediaries

A good translation company makes sure the client gets aggregate value.

The TR Company knows the client, understands their needs, and creates value for them. It does not operate as an “agency,” which could be seen as a mere intermediary. Rather, it offers a joint work experience with a view to delivering the best service possible.

2) Capacity to handle large workloads

This is certainly one of the most well-known advantages of working with a translation company, though not necessarily the main one: we can manage huge workloads. We have enough capacity to translate large documents, ensuring an efficient service in the face of tight deadlines, while guaranteeing a stringent internal quality control process in line with corporate standards.

We know there are freelance translators who usually work together on some projects and who actually achieve good results; however, in the case of a translation company, the members of the team know each other, have worked together for a long time, and share the same criteria, guidelines, and strategies.

3) Simpler processes for a hassle-free client experience

We handle projects internally to remove the hassle of project management for the client. Our company assumes full responsibility for translating, editing and proofreading, among other tasks.

The final document to be delivered to the client gets reviewed by an internal team whose proofreading skills are sure to guarantee a true translation, all of this without the client actively taking part of the project, thus leaving room for them to focus on other business matters. However, the client is at all times allowed the chance to become involved by giving instructions related to terminology of their choice or providing any other significant input.

4) A good grasp of the corporate language

We, too, are a company. As such, we have a real sense of corporate dynamics, deadlines, quick response needs, and corporate conventions, and a clear understanding of the standards of professionalism, responsibility and confidentiality that our clients expect us to meet.

5) Consolidated, highly-skilled, and fully available teams

We carry out a strict selection process to choose our team of translators, seeking to guarantee the highest level of professional and personal skills. At the same time, we train our translators in different fields to make sure we deliver high-quality specialized translations.

6) Knowledge of the right questions to ask

We are experienced enough to ask the questions necessary to obtain complete and accurate information from the client about each particular project.

7) Seamless administrative processes

We have appropriate administrative and collection processes in place, which helps speed up many aspects of our relationship with the client. We have staff that is exclusively devoted to these tasks, so that no translation professionals need to get involved.

8) Savvy translators with multiple areas of expertise

Our translator teams are made up of professionals from all sectors, with experience and qualifications in several fields. By working with us, our clients get a one-stop service to meet their translation needs in connection with texts of several types and styles, including legal, technical, advertising or commercial documents.

9) Availability 24/7

An edge that makes us stand out from the rest: our quick response time and customized assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

10) Guidance on the services that best fit a client’s needs

A translation company is a single provider that offers solutions to the several language requirements of a client and advises them to get the service that best fits their needs (translation, editing, proofreading, revision, certification, interpretation, transcription, subtitling and dubbing, various languages, etc.)

  • If the client is unaware of the exact requirements that certified translations must meet;
  • If they are not sure whether they need only a translation or whether they would also need to have a document revised or proofread;
  • If they are not familiar with the particularities of simultaneous or consecutive interpretation services, or do not know which type of interpretation services are usually required in business meetings, conferences, or executive events;


We know the solution: to trust in a translation company with more than 20 years of experience in the sector. That is the ultimate purpose of our work.

The TR Company S.A. is a translation company with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, with a consolidated and skilled team ready to give efficient solutions to language needs, meeting any required deadline.

We offer translations into Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, and Russian. All these languages are generally combined with Spanish, although they may also be paired with English.

Our areas of expertise include: Legal, Energy and Natural Gas, Oil and Mining, Financial Services, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, Medicine and Pharmacy, Technology and Telecommunications, Hospitality, Traveling and Tourism, Transport and Logistics.

We specialize in the translation of treaties, laws, decrees, resolutions, claims, witness statements, economic reports, press releases, user manuals, bidding terms and conditions, engineering plans, and medical papers and articles.

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