22/8/17 10 Commonly-used American Slang Terms and Expressions

10 Commonly used American Slang Terms and Expressions

  1. What an awesome sunset! (amazing)
  2. I almost fell asleep during the presentation after an all-nighter. (studying/working all night)
  3. After working all day I am really beat. (exhausted)
  4. I promised to bring two bottles of booze to the party. (alcohol)
  5. Do you have a few bucks I can borrow? (dollars)
  6. This is a really cool place to work. (good)
  7. Things should cool down in a day or two. (calm down)
  8. The cop showed me his badge. (police officer)
  9. Could you cut my whiskey with a little water? (dilute)
  10. Let’s get the bill and find out the damage. (cost)