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3 Expressions and Idioms with ‘Monday’

23/4/18 3 Expressions and Idioms with ‘Monday’


  • that Monday morning feeling

The listlessness and dissatisfaction felt upon returning to work on Monday after the weekend.

Ugh, I’m getting that Monday morning feeling already and it’s still Sunday night! I don’t want the weekend to end.

  • man crush Monday

A phrase that accompanies a social media post of a man that the poster finds attractive (often their significant other or a celebrity). Often abbreviated as “MCM.” Such posts occur on Mondays due to the name, created simply for alliteration.

Check out my handsome hubby on man crush Monday! Ryan Gosling is my man crush Monday.
(A little sexist, I know.)

  • Monday morning quarterback

A person who acts like they have all the answers to a problem, especially in hindsight, usually without having any experience in that area. Likened to fans and commentators who criticize a football team after a Sunday game. Primarily heard in US.

Social media seems to have turned everyone into a Monday morning quarterback whenever political issues are discussed.



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