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Acronyms online

29/1/19 Acronyms online


There are thousands of acronyms around the world, and it seems that every day new ones come up.

WCGW – What could go wrong?
The sarcastic way of stating that some activity will go particularly wrong. Mostly followed by a gif or a video, of an accident called to happen.

TIL – Today I learned
Informative of facts that seem interesting and little known

TBH – To be honest
Usually starting or ending a phrase that might be considered harsh, or unwelcome.

IRL – In real life
Referring to the differences between the Online world/persona, and the real-life/person behind it. Usually used for comedy or fun.

TL, DR – Too long, didn’t read
It is usually answered on blogs or forums, when a post is very long, to request for a summary

LYK – Let you know
A way to tell that you will be answering something later.

HMB – Hold my beer / HMC – Hold my Cosmo / HMPJ – Hold my Peanut Butter & Jelly
Funny or sarcastic ways to say “Look at me, while I confidently do this thing.” Usually followed by a gif or a video, of a funny accident called to happen.
Beer is used for males, Cosmo for females, and Peanut Butter & Jelly, for little kids.

TIFU – Today I F*cked up
Informative, used in forums to tell a (usually regrettable) story that happened to the one who writes.

AITA? – Am I the A**hole?
Asking for consent, or dissent, with a personal opinion in a specific situation.


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