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Adjectives that collocate with ‘Money’

17/11/16 Adjectives that collocate with ‘Money’

Adjectives that collocate with Money

Adjectives + “Money”
The following list includes adjectives that are commonly used with the noun ‘money’. Adjectives that are similar in meaning are grouped together. Each adjective or adjective group has an example sentence to illustrate usage.

He thinks working in marketing is easy money. I think he’ll find it’s quite a different story.

bonus, extra
If you complete the project before next Tuesday, there’ll be some bonus money.

The best way to feel good about any purchase is if it’s been made with hard-earned money.

government, public, taxpayers’
It’s not right to waste taxpayers’ money on projects that benefit those who are already wealthy.

pocket, spending
Would you like a little extra pocket money this weekend?

gas, lunch, petrol, rent, etc
Could you lend me some lunch money today?

prize, grant, scholarship
They won a lot of grant money for their research into DNA.

stolen, dirty, bribe, ransom
I don’t want your dirty money!

hush, protection
That gang is demanding protection money from every store on the street. It’s scandalous!

pension, retirement
We plan to move to Hawaii with our retirement money.

counterfeit, fake
The police discovered more than $2 million in fake money.

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