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Areas in an airport 4

20/2/19 Areas in an airport 3


Cabin crew
The cabin crew is the collective group of flight attendants and the purser, the airline employees that cater to the passenger during a flight. The cabin crew is responsible for handling the duties within the cabin.

The purser is the head of the cabin crew, responsible for overseeing the flight attendants and making sure travelers are content and taken care of. The purser keeps detailed reports and also ensures that in-flight service and refreshments are served in a timely fashion.

Flight attendant
It is an airline employee part of the cabin crew who ensures the safety and comfort of passengers while flying. Flight attendants also may help with any customs forms, provide food and beverages, and ensure cabin security before takeoff and landing, along with many technical duties.

Pilot in command or captain 
Generally, the captain is the commander of a vessel. The captain is legally in charge of everything and everyone on the plane while in the air, but does not necessarily need to have control of the plane at all times, though the captain will be held primarily responsible for anything that goes wrong.

First officer or co-pilot
The first officer is the pilot who is second in command. He or she is fully qualified to operate a flight, and may “take the wheel” to allow the captain to do other things.

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