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11/7/19 BESIDE or BESIDES?
Beside is a preposition meaning “at the side of,” “by,” “next to.”
  • Who’s that guy sitting beside Jane?
Besides can be used as a preposition with a similar meaning to as well as, to add new information to what is already known.
  •  Besides literature, we have to study history and philosophy.
  •  Who was at the meeting besides Jack and the Bensons?
Besides can also be used as a discourse marker meaning “also,” “as well,” “in any case.” It is often used to add a stronger, more conclusive argument to what has gone before. In this case, besides usually goes at the beginning of a clause.
  • I don’t like those shoes; besides, they’re too expensive.
  • It’s too late to go out now. Besides, it’s starting to rain.
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