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Broken Down Irretrievably

1/2/19 Broken Down Irretrievably

In some cases, there’s no one to blame for a divorce: Couples grow apart and life circumstances change, which can eventually ruin a relationship.
The phrase is normally used to describe a marriage which has deteriorated beyond remedy or repair. Once a party suing for divorce is able to satisfy a court that his matrimony with the other party has so degenerated that the only option is for the marriage to be dissolved, the court is more likely to dissolve such marriage.

Useful language:

  • To blame for something
  • To put the blame on someone
  • To sue for divorce
  • a marriage = matrimony
  • a marriage/matrimony with someone
  • to marry someone (no preposition)
  • to get married with someone
  • to dissolve (verb) / dissolution (noun)

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