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17/9/18 Checks


A check is a document that orders payment of money from a bank account.
The writer of the check is the drawer, the bank on which the check is drawn is the drawee, and the person to whom the check is made payable is the payee.
Checks are demand instruments because they are payable on demand (also: payable at sight, payable upon presentment). Presentment occurs when a person brings the instrument to the appropriate party for payment.
If a bank honors a check, they accept the check as if it were money.
A check bounces, or a bank bounces it, when the bank refuses to pay it because there are insufficient funds in the account of the person who wrote it. Informally, a bounced check may be also called rubber check.
Order checks are payable to the named payee or their endorsee.
Bearer checks are payable to anyone in possession of the check.


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