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Cooking Terms (Part 2)

04/01/17 Cooking Terms (Part 2)

Cooking Terms Part 2

Here’s some useful terminology to understand basic recipes! This is part 2.

Glaze: To coat foods with glossy mixtures such as jellies or sauces.
Grate: To rub foods against a serrated surface to produce shredded or fine bits.
Grease: To rub the interior surface of a cooking dish or pan with shortening, oil, or butter to prevent food from sticking to it.
Grill: To cook food on a rack under or over direct heat, as on a barbecue or in a broiler.
Grind: To reduce food to tiny particles using a grinder or a food processor.
Julienne: To cut into long, thin strips, matchsticklike in shape.
Knead: To blend dough together with hands or in a mixer to form a pliable mass.
Macerate: To soak in a flavored liquid; usually refers to fruit.
Marinate: To soak in a flavored liquid; usually refers to meat, poultry, or fish.
Mince: To cut into tiny pieces, usually with a knife.
Parboil: To partially cook by boiling. Usually done to prepare food for final cooking by another method.
Poach: To cook gently over very low heat in barely simmering liquid just to cover.
Purée: To mash or grind food until completely smooth, usually in a food processor, blender, sieve, or food mill.
Reduce: To thicken a liquid and concentrate its flavor by boiling.
Render: To cook fatty meat or poultry—such as bacon or goose—over low heat to obtain drippings.
Roast: To cook a large piece of meat or poultry uncovered with dry heat in an oven.
Sauté or panfry: To cook food in a small amount of fat over relatively high heat.
Scald: To heat liquid almost to a boil until bubbles begin to form around the edge.
Sear: To brown the surface of meat by quick-cooking over high heat in order to seal in the meat’s juices.
Shred: To cut food into narrow strips with a knife or a grater.
Simmer: To cook in liquid just below the boiling point; bubbles form but do not burst on the surface of the liquid.
Skim: To remove surface foam or fat from a liquid.
Steam: To cook food on a rack or in a steamer set over boiling or simmering water in a covered pan.
Steep: To soak in a liquid just under the boiling point to extract the essence—e.g., tea.
Stew: To cook covered over low heat in a liquid.
Stir-fry: To quickly cook small pieces of food over high heat, stirring constantly.
Truss: To tie whole poultry with string or skewers so it will hold its shape during cooking.
Whip: To beat food with a whisk or mixer to incorporate air and produce volume.
Whisk: To beat ingredients (such as heavy or whipping cream, eggs, salad dressings, or sauces) with a fork or whisk to mix, blend, or incorporate air.
Zest: The outer, colored part of the peel of citrus fruit.


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