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The Difference between Fun and Funny

3/8/17 The Difference between Fun and Funny

The Difference between Fun and Funny

Here’s a pair of words that are very frequently confused: fun and funny!
Fun is a noun meaning ‘pleasure and enjoyment’:

  • We had such fun together.
  • I hope you have fun!
  • In informal speaking, we also use fun as an adjective:
  • We did a lot of fun activities, had a fun time, and got to know each other better.
Funny is an adjective and it means ‘amusing’ or ‘causing laughter’:
  • I think Jerry Springer is so funny. I just laugh so much when I watch his show.
But also…
Funny can also mean ‘strange’, ‘surprising’, ‘unexpected’ or ‘difficult to explain or understand’:
  • A funny thing happened to me the other day. I was parking my car and a man came and knocked on my window … (A strange/surprising/unexpected thing happened …)
  • Wasn’t it funny the way Don just got up and left without saying goodbye to anyone? (Wasn’t it strange …)


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