14/7/17 The Difference between Vacation and Holiday

The Difference between Vacation and Holiday

Holiday Vacation
 >A special day of celebration: a day when most people do not have to work  >A period of time that a person spends away from home, school, or business usually in order to relax or travel
>The number of days or hours per year for which an employer agrees to pay workers while they are not working
>A time when schools, colleges, and universities are closed
Description A special day of celebration is which most people do not have to work. Can refer to a trip taken for enjoyment, a significant amount of time taken for rest and relaxation. It may also refer to a period when schools are closed, i.e. summer vacation.
Implication Days to rest. A trip taken for relaxation or enjoyment.
Examples  >Friday is a holiday, as it is Good Friday.
>Tomorrow is the bi-annual office holiday.
>Saturdays and Sundays are holidays.
 >I am taking a two week vacation.
>Mary is taking a vacation to Paris.
>The summer vacation starts in June.
>The winter vacation is only a week long in the US.

Happy winter break! (Oh, come on! Wasn’t it vacation?)  ;)