21/7/17 Dressed-up Words and their Simpler Alternatives (Part 1)

Dressed-up Words and their Simpler Alternatives

Although many lawyers probably don’t, I love simplicity. Simple is not easy, simple is definitely not bad, simple is beautiful.

Use the simplest, most straightforward words that you can.
Choose simple words over fancy ones. Below is a limited list of dressed-up words and their simpler alternatives.

Part I

Instead of this: Try this:
abutting next to
adjacent to next to
accede to allow, grant
acquainted with know
additional more, extra, added
administer (medicate) give
administer run, operate, manage, handle
advantageous useful, helpful
advert to refer to
alter change
ameliorate improve
append add, attach, enclose
attain reach; get; win; make
authored wrote
automobile car
commence start, begin
concerning on, about; for
consequently So, thus
demonstrate show
directive order
educator teacher
elapse pass; go by
elect to choose to
elucidate explain
emphasize stress; point-out; highlight
endeavor try
erroneous wrong, incorrect, mistaken
eschew avoid
eventuality event, possibility
examination exam, test, check; checkup
expenditure cost, expense; payment
following after
forward send
fundamental main, basic