4/9/18 Efficient or Effective? 

Efficient and effective are adjectives.
We use efficient to describe something or someone that works in a quick and organized way:
The new online banking system offers a convenient and efficient way to check your account.

[extract from a reference for someone applying for a job] I have always known James to be highly competent and efficient in all aspects of his job.
We use effective to describe something that gives you the results you want:
Taking this tablet is a very effective cure for travel sickness.
In this light, the camera is more effective if you use the flash.

1.Efficiency means doing the things right whereas Effectiveness is about doing the right things.
2. Efficiency focuses on the process or ‘means’ whereas Effectiveness focuses on the end.
3. Efficiency is restricted to the present state whereas effectiveness involves thinking long term.
4. Organizations have to be both effective and efficient in order to be successful.