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En banc hearing or rehearing

11/9/18 En banc hearing or rehearing


In an en banc hearing or rehearing, the court, usually a court of appeals, hears the case and renders a decision that includes every judge who currently sits on that court. This may take place only for cases in which it is necessary to secure or maintain uniformity in the decisions of the court in question or if the case involves a question of exceptional importance.

An en banc hearing or rehearing may be ordered by a majority of the circuit judges who are in regular active service and who are not disqualified. Moreover, either party to the appeal —the petitioner who brought the appeal or the respondent who responds to the petitioner’s arguments— may petition for a hearing or rehearing en banc.

Useful language:

En banc hearing/rehearing

An appeal is heard by the court of appeals en banc

A court sits en banc

A decision is rendered/issued en banc

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