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Ending a Letter: Sign-Offs and Signatures

27/7/17 Ending a Letter: Sign-Offs and Signatures

Ending a Letter Sign-Offs and Signatures

The actual ending of a letter is easy, especially for formal business letters. Here are some useful examples of how to end a letter with a sign-off that comes just above your signature.
  • Best,
A short, sweet, and safe way to sign off. You can extend it to say “All the best” or “Best regards.”
  • Cheers,
A slightly British-sounding sign-off; a bit informal.
  • Faithfully (or Faithfully yours),
  • Hope this helps,
If you’re trying to help someone or offering some advice, this might be the perfect closing.
  • Regards,
Indicates professionalism and respect. You can make it more emotional with “Warm regards,” but “Warmest regards” might be too much for a professional letter.
  • Respectfully,
A nice and somewhat deferential way to end the letter.
  • Sincerely,
The most common closer.
  • Thanks (or Thanks again),
Use this if you haven’t already fully expressed your gratitude above.
  • With anticipation,
If your letter’s main purpose was to make a plan or set up an appointment, this may be the way to go.


Here are some common informal letter endings:
  • Adios,
  • Always and forever,
  • Best regards, (this works for both formal and informal writing)
  • Best wishes,
  • Ciao,
  • Emoticons (smiley faces, :-), etc.),
  • High five,
  • Hugs,
  • Kindest regards,
  • Lots of love,
  • Love,
  • Missing you,
  • See you around,
  • Ta ta!
  • Take it easy,
  • XOXO,
  • Yours (or Yours truly—a bit too personal for business, but fine for personal relationships).


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