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Expressing Urgency

03/11/16 Expressing Urgency

Expressing Urgency

The doctor recommended that he quit smoking.

advise insist recommend
ask move request
command order require
demand prefer suggest
desire propose urge

The verbs in bold can be used in the structure verb + object + infinitive.

I ask that you be on time. I ask you to be on time.
The President urged that all the population participate in the war effort. The President urged all the population to participate in the war effort.

It’s urgent that this piece of information reach the President immediately.
It’s advisable that
It’s best that
It’s crucial that
It’s desirable that
It’s essential that
It’s imperative that
It’s important that
It’s mandatory that
It’s necessary that
It’s recommended that
It’s required that
It’s urgent that
It’s vital that

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