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Expression with the Word ‘Time’

13/10/16 Expressions with the Word ‘Time’

expressions with the word time

‘on time’

to be on time means not to be late. You arrive at the right time.
‘The trains always run on time in my country. They are never late.’

‘save time’

We save time when we do something the quick way.
‘We will save time if we drive instead of taking the bus.’

‘spare time’

In natural English, spare time has the same meaning as free time. The things we do when we are not busy with work or study, for example.
‘In my spare time I like to learn English.’

‘out of time’

Out of time means that there is no more time left to do something. The time limit or deadline has been reached.
‘Please stop writing. You are out of time. The exam has finished.’

‘make time’

To make time means to find the time to do something. We have to clear some time in our schedules to do something.
‘I know that you are busy, but you will have to make time to attend the meeting.’

‘kill time’

To kill time means to do something that is not very interesting or important to pass time. We usually use to kill time when we are waiting for something that will take place later.
‘We’ve got 4 hours until our flight leaves. What are we going to do until then? How are we going to kill time?’

‘time after time’

When something happens or is done time after time it means that it happens again and again. The action repeats.
‘Time after time Tom was late for school. His teacher told him if he was late again he would be in big trouble.’

‘time off’

Time off means to take a holiday from work.
‘You are working too much. You need to take some time off.’

‘a waste of time’
A waste of time refers to anything that is not a useful way to spend your time. Doing something pointless or useless.

‘It’s a waste of time calling that company. They never answer the telephones.’

‘a hard time’
To have a hard time means to do something that is difficult or to suffer hardship.
‘She’s had a hard time recently; she lost her job and then her mother died.’
‘I had a hard time trying to find this place. The directions you gave me were terrible!’

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