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What Expressions Can I Use to Add Information?

09/05/16 “What Expressions Can I Use to Add Information?”


moreover (very formal); furthermore (formal); in addition; as well as that; on top of that (informal); another thing is; what is more; besides; in any case

These expressions can be used to add information or arguments to what has been said.
The President is unwilling to admit that he can ever be mistaken. Moreover, he’s totally incapable…
The peasants are desperately short of food. In addition, they urgently need doctors and medical supplies.
She borrowed my bike and never gave it back. And as well as that/ on top of that, she broke the lawnmower and then pretended she hadn’t.

Besides and in any case can add an extra, more conclusive fact or argument.
What are you trying to get a job as a secretary for? You’d never manage to work eight hours a day. Besides/ In any case, you can’t type.

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