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Expressions with ‘Sun’

17/10/16 Expressions with ‘Sun’

Expressions with Sun

Here comes the sun!
By the way, here are some expressions with SUN:

(one’s) moment in the sun
A brief period of time in which one is or has been particularly successful, popular, famous, etc., especially when set against an otherwise moderate or unremarkable life.
After 35 years in this one-horse town, all I want is a moment in the sun, a time when the whole world knows and loves me!
Jonathan had his moment in the sun when one of his videos went viral on the internet and, for a little while at least, he became a household name.

catch the sun
To get sunburned.
I caught the sun at the beach last weekend, and now my back hurts so much that I have to sleep on my side!
I made sure to pack you some extra sunscreen so that you don’t catch the sun on your trip.

go to bed with the sun
Fig. to go to bed early, at sunset.
The campers went to bed with the sun.
The children had to go to bed with the sun. The grown-ups stayed up a little later.

There is nothing new under the sun
Everything that is happening now has happened before.
Jill: The newspaper today is shocking. Three prominent politicians have been convicted of fraud. Jane: That’s not shocking. It only proves that there’s nothing new under the sun.

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