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How to Find and Hire a Translation Company (Part I)


Many people who don’t need translations regularly usually have no idea what it takes to find good, trustworthy professional help. Most start with their inner circle, hiring a friend’s daughter for instance, only to realize later that they have wasted both time and money.

You may contact local translators associations; they usually provide long lists of translators but I’m afraid that search may not turn up any professional with the specific expertise you need. Also, the association gives no guarantee concerning the quality of those translations, they just assure the translators on the list are duly licensed to act as sworn, certified translators.

How to Find and Hire a Translation Company (Part I)

While the Web has made it easy to do some translations on your own, do-it-yourself and automatic translations have huge limitations.

On the Web you may find translators forums or communities with databases, ratings and comments. But, in my opinion, they are neither accurate nor reliable. Also, many translators write their own comments and some also pay to be featured there.

If you want to know if a translation company is good and reliable, first of all I suggest you look at their list of clients. Here’s ours. If big, demanding, multinationals or law firms have trusted you and chosen you as their provider, that is a good sign.

Our next article will feature some common questions that will come up when you need to hire the services of a professional translator or translation company.

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