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Fitness Vocabulary (Part 1)

06/01/17 Fitness Vocabulary (Part 1)

Fitness Vocabulary Part 1

  1. Frequently fitness is shortened to fit. A person who has strong muscles and little fat on his or her body is called fit.
  2. It makes sense that if people are physically fit then their bodies have a pleasing shape. A healthy person who is fit is said to be in good shape.
  3. However, someone who gets out of breath running up the stairs might admit to being in bad shape. Once they start exercising, they are working on getting back into shape.
  4. To get into to good shape, you have to workout, which basically means physical training or to exercise.
  5. The slang words used in workout videos can be tough (difficult) because like fit, the words can be short versions of longer, more technical terms.
  6. Abdomen is the belly area between your chest and hips, just above and just below your navel. Abs is simply the short word for it.
  7. Here’s an idiom for you: six-pack abs. That means someone whose belly muscles are so well defined that his or her abs look like the top of six-pack of soda (or beer). The muscles are so tight that they ripple.
  8. That leads to the next slang word: ripped. Lots of English word experts debate whether ripped comes from ripple, as in little breaks on water, or rip, as in cut cleanly. Either way, ripped means very clear muscle definition.


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