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Fitness Vocabulary (Part 2)

09/01/17 Fitness Vocabulary (Part 2)

Fitness Vocabulary Part 2

  1. The word tone has to do with sound waves in music and something similar in exercise. Muscle tone has to do with how tight or lose muscles appear. Someone with good tone has those defined muscles. Someone with weak muscle tone does not have much strength. To say someone is toned, is a more formal way to describe someone as muscular.
  2. A great exercise to build muscle tone in your abs is called the crunch. A crunch is forcing two things to come together. Here, a crunch means to lean forward and tighten your ab muscles. Sit-ups are sometimes called crunches.
  3. If you are going to repeat an exercise like a crunch, you are doing reps. Reps is just short for the word repeat. You might repeat an exercise 10 times, take a break, then do another ten. You might do two sets of ten reps. Sets just means group.
  4. If you are trying to exercise to lose weight, you are trying to shed pounds. That literally means to get rid of fat. But if you want to lose fat fast and are going to exercise very hard, you are on a shred. That means you are trying to tear the fat off your body and build muscle in an intense workout.
  5. The fat around the side of your body is sometimes called a spare tire. In other words, you look like you are wearing a tire around your middle. If you are trying to lose weight, you might say you are trying to get rid of my spare tire.
  6. At the beginning of your workout, you do stretching exercises to loosen tight muscles. These are called warm ups because you literally are warming your body. At the end of the workout when you are very heated, you do more stretches to cool down your hot muscles.
  7. Your workout gear includes all the tools you need for your exercise. Doing Pilates or yoga: your gear includes a mat. Doing weightlifting: your gear might be bar bells. Playing tennis: you will need a racquet. A water bottle should always be part of your gear.


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