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Bromance:  a very close friendship between two men (humorous)
Friendship:  the feeling of being friends with someone or of being with friendly people
Love:  the feeling of liking and caring for someone such as a member of your family or a close friend
Companionship:  the relationship you have with a good friend who spends a lot of time with you
Fellowship:  a feeling of friendship and support between people who do the same work or have the same interests
Brotherhood:  the friendship and support that a group of people, especially men, get from one another
Fraternity:  feelings of friendship, trust, and support between people
Camaraderie: friendship and trust between people in a group
Togetherness: a feeling of friendship and happiness in a close relationship

Other terms:
Best friend; best pal; confidant; companion; bosom buddy, close friend; dear friend.
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