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Humor-related words and expressions

02/12/16 Humor-related words and expressions

Humor related words and expressions

to crack a joke To tell a joke or a funny story (informal)
dry Not obvious, subtle (sense of humor)
humorous Funny, amusing
an impression The act of speaking or singing like a famous person
to kid To make jokes, to joke with someone; to not be serious about something
a stand-up comedian A person who entertains by telling humorous stories and jokes; a professional comedian who performs live
twisted 1) Sick, disgusting, abnormal
2) using sick or disgusting things in a humorous way
witty 1) Funny in an intelligent way
2) full of fast, humorous responses
A blue joke A joke mentioning sexual activity in a way that offends many people; A dirty joke
Black humor The juxtaposition of morbid and farcical elements  to give a disturbing effect
An in-joke A joke that can be understood or appreciated only by the members of a limited group of people.
A running joke A joke or humorous allusion used recurrently in a play, film, or television sketch for a cumulative comic effect
Prank A mischievous trick or practical joke
Punch line The climactic phrase or sentence in a joke, speech, advertisement, or humorous story that produces the desired effect.
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