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Agencia de traducción Buenos Aires

Idiomatic expressions about Success & Failure (Part 5)

28/11/17 Idiomatic expressions about Success & Failure (Part 5)

Agencia de traducción Buenos Aires

49. front runner In a contest, race or election, the front runner is the person who is most likely to succeed or win.
Who are the front runners in the coming elections?
50. get the better of you If someone or something gets the better of you, they defeat you.
She went on a diet but it didn’t last long – her love of chocolate got the better of her!
51. go to the dogs To say that a company, organization or country is going to the dogs means that it is becoming less successful or efficient than before.
Some think the company will go to the dogs if it is nationalized.
52. go great guns If someone or something is going great guns, they are successful or doing very well.
Fred’s night club is going great guns. It’s becoming hard to get in!
53. go (off/over) with a bang If something such as an event or performance goes off with a bang, it is very successful.
The party went off with a bang – everyone enjoyed it.
54. go up in smoke If a plan or project goes up in smoke, it fails or ends before producing a result.
When Amy and Tom separated, my mother’s dream of a romantic wedding went up in smoke.
55. got it made Someone who has got it made is so happy and successful in life that they have no worries.
With a happy family life, a new house and a super job, Sam’s got it made.
56. hit pay dirt If you hit pay dirt, you are lucky and suddenly find yourself in a successful money-making situation.
Charlie finally hit pay dirt with his latent invention.
57. on its knees When something such as a country or organization is on its knees, or brought to its knees, it is in a very weak situation or on the verge of failure.
The civil war brought the country to its knees.
58. andslide victory The victory of a candidate or a political party by an overwhelming majority is called a landslide victory.
Major newspapers predict a landslide victory for the Democratic Party.
59. lead to a dead end If a plan or project leads to a dead end, it develops no further because it has no future.
In spite of the scientists’ efforts, the research lead to a dead end.
60. leaps and bounds If you do something in leaps and bounds, you make rapid or spectacular progress or growth.
The number of subscribers to the newsletter has grown in leaps and bounds.


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