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The TR Company

Killer Talent – Killer Value

At The TR Company we provide professional services – translation and interpretation mainly, and also, from time to time, we offer training courses and seminars.

I’ve been running a professional service firm for over 15 years and have learned one basic lesson: you add value by recruiting the most amazing talent you can find. You may think duh!, we all know that; truth is, we don’t always do what it takes to get and keep the best talent.
Add to this idea seamless project management, bureaucracy reduced to a minimum, and responsiveness, and there’s but one result: a talented staff aspiring to reach above the crowd, dedicated to achieving excellence, always. Because we can.

Is there another option?
I don’t think there is!

Easy to live up to? No. Hard as the devil? You bet. (But, then, that’s the whole point …)

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