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8/10/18 Knowmad

A knowmad is a person who is specially qualified in their field, and for whom knowledge is their greatest professional value.

A knowmad has high mobility, which means that they are able to physically move to the places where they are needed and that they are also able to work remotely thanks to technology.

The term is a combination of the terms “know” and “nomad.” It has been used to define a new trend in the work environment and it reflects the qualities of some modern professionals.

Knowmads have an infinite curiosity, which leads them to acquire knowledge from all possible sources. Knowmads are creative, imaginative, innovative people, who have an open mind and always seek new ideas, but not only conceptual ones, but with a practical application.

Knowmads will not develop a professional career in a single company, but will move from one to another with ease, participating decisively in specific projects, until their role there ends.

Another key quality of a knowledge nomad will be the ability to collaborate with different and multiple professionals and clients.

A knowmad can work with almost anybody, anytime, and anywhere.


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