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Let’s talk about the term: FRIEND


How the term is defined:

  • one attached to another by affection or esteem (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)
  • a person who you know well and who you like a lot, but who is usually not a member of your family (Cambridge Dictionary)
  • A friend is someone who you know well and like, but who is not related to you. (Cobuild Advanced English Dictionary).


Synonyms and similar terms:

companion – pal – mate – buddy

An acquaintance is a person that you have met but do not know well.


Other related phrases and collocations:

My best friend

A close friend of mine

An old friend

A friend of the family

A childhood friend

A school/college friend

To be friends with someone

To be good friends

To become friends

To be just friends

To make friends

To be among friends

Some popular idioms (sayings):

A friend in need is a friend indeed         

This means that a friend who helps you when you really need help is a true friend.

Have friends in high places

This means to know important people who can help you get what you want.

What are friends for? (Or also, that’s what friends are for.)

This is said to a friend who has thanked you for doing something special for them.

With friends like you, who needs enemies?

This is said to or about someone who says he or she is your friend but who is treating you very badly.



Also, did you know this?

If you friend someone, you ask them to be your friend on a social media website, so that you can see each other’s posts. It is used as a regular verb, as a synonym of add or follow.



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