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Libel & Liable: Do not Confuse

7/2/19 Libel & Liable: Do not Confuse

Sole custody

When we refer to “sole custody,” we are typically referring to a court ordered arrangement wherein one parent has both legal and physical custody over a child. A parent with sole physical and legal custody has exclusive rights concerning the child. These custody arrangements are rare, and are usually limited to situations in which one parent has been deemed unfit or incapable of having any form of responsibility over a child. 

Joint custody

Joint custody involves a sharing of parental responsibility for the child; both parents are actively involved in the child’s upbringing. Joint custody can be joint physical custody, joint legal custody, or both. When parents share joint custody, they usually work out a schedule according to their work requirements, housing arrangements and the children’s needs. If the parents cannot agree on such a schedule, the court will impose an arrangement.

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