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Non-binary, neo pronouns

10/10/18 Non-binary, neo pronouns

People who are non-binary may use gender-neutral pronouns. Although there are a variety of gender-neutral pronouns, the most commonly used one is the singular they. For people who use gender-neutral pronouns, instead of referring to a non-binary person as he or she, they are referred to as they.

The growing awareness of the range of gender identities and people’s rejection of the gender binary has resulted in the rise to prominence of the singular “they,” as well as “neo pronoun” alternatives.
Someone who identifies as nonbinary, genderqueer or transgender, for example, might prefer to be referred to as “they,” “ze,” or “hir” rather than the gender-conforming pronouns “he” and “she.”

The rising usage of non-binary gender pronouns has not only increased the visibility of those in the world who don’t conform to the traditional idea of gender, but also created a teaching moment about recognizing and respecting the identities of those who reject the gender binary.


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