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The TR Company

Who is Our Client?

I think any freelance translator or owner of a translation company would agree if I say that, at one point or another, we’ve all thought that almost anyone could be our client. The problem with that belief is that aiming at anyone is pretty much the same as aiming at no one, so we basically end up not aiming at all.

When your product or service is very suitable for a particular group of people, that group is said to be your niche. A market niche strategy obviously has its pros and cons. This is not a post about marketing and business strategies but, in a nutshell, by using a niche strategy you lower the level of competition because you get expertise that not many providers have. Therefore, you may be able to set products and services at premium prices to pay for that expertise. The main disadvantage, of course, is the smaller market size. You aim at significantly fewer people.

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At The TR Company, we have chosen to limit our approach to a relatively small number of sectors where we have TRUE EXPERTISE. No phoney. Throughout many years of work with companies from the same industries – namely legal, oil and gas, electricity, mining, and telecommunications – we have developed a true expertise that enables us to provide a service in a way that is dramatically different from all the rest.

We are proud to serve the most demanding lawyers and consultants from top law firms and consulting firms in Argentina and the United States.

You’re invited to visit our website and check out our client list.

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