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51 Popular English Idioms (Part 4)

19/4/18 51 Popular English Idioms (Part 4)


31. Be Tickled Pink
To be excited and happy
She was tickled pink by all the compliments she’d received.

32. A Baker’s Dozen
Check out our baker’s dozen language learning tips.

33. Comfort Food
Food that makes you feel better, because it reminds you of your childhood
After a tiring day, it’s so nice to make some comfort food and settle down with a good book.

34. Skeleton Crew
The minimum number of people needed to keep a service/office operating
Can you come back after the holidays? We’re operating with a skeleton crew at the moment.

35. Let the Chips Fall Where They May
To let something happen, no matter what happens next
I must tell John how I feel about him, let the chips fall where they may.

36. No-brainer
An easy decision
Do you think I should propose to Judy?
Come on, it’s a no-brainer. She’s such a fantastic woman!

37. A Stone’s Throw
Very near
The hotel was a stone’s throw from the beach. I loved it.

38. Hear on the Grapevine
To hear a rumour or unconfirmed story
I heard on the grapevine that Charlie and Sarah are dating at the moment.

39. Sit on the Fence
To stay neutral and not take sides
Well don’t you think I’m right, he’s been acting differently hasn’t he?
I’m sitting on the fence with this one, you’re both my good friends.

40. Take What Someone Says with a Pinch of Salt
Regard something as exaggerated, or only believe a part of something
Did you hear what Tina said happened in the office yesterday?
Oh, I would take anything she says with a pinch of salt.



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