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I love language and I love the law. That’s why I have always found it so interesting to study and analyze the language of contracts.

In this blog post I decided to gather some of the prepositional phrases most frequently used in contracts. I made it to 100!

If you can think of more and would like to share, please feel free to comment below! enter INTO a contract act ON behalf OF
3.IN the name OF
4.IN the name, place and stead OF
5.IN lieu OF
6.IN consideration OF
7.FOR valuable consideration
8.IN witness whereof give notice TO the parties
10.the parties TO the contract
11.BY virtue OF
12.UNDER the contract
13.IN compliance WITH
14.IN conformity WITH
15.IN accordance WITH
16.pursuant TO
17.according TO
18.performance OF obligations
19.referred TO as
20.IN good standing
21.binding UPON the parties
22.IN writing
23.BY written agreement
24.evidence OF an agreement
25.changes or modifications TO a contract
26.BY and BETWEEN the parties
27.IN court or IN a court of law
28.TITLE to property interest IN land
30.entitled TO
31.empowered TO
32.assignment OF rights
33.representations BY the parties OF terms
35.ON this date
36.IN case OF
37.IN the event OF
38.known TO the parties
39.TO the best OF my knowledge
40.signed BY the parties
41.represented BY an agent
42.provisions OF this Agreement
43.dependent UPON
44.FOR participation IN
45.BY any appropriate means
46.including, but not limited TO
47.including WITHOUT limitation
48.IN the enjoyment OF
49.FOR a period OF responsible FOR damages caused TO property be liable TO someone FOR something be answerable TO someone FOR something
53.resulting FROM a consequence OF
55.WITH respect TO; related or relating TO
56.WITH reference TO stipulated IN section
58.warranty OF fitness FOR a particular purpose
59.warranty OF merchantability
60.IN no event
61.UNDER no/any circumstances
62.IN the year
63.executed IN multiple counterparts
64.copy OF the signature page
65.secured BY mail
66.sent TO each signatory
67.understanding BETWEEN the parties
68.IN connection WITH this agreement
69.prior TO the date hereOF
70.attached hereTO
71.made a part hereOF
72.the subject-matter OF this agreement
73.the term OF this agreement
74.applicable TO
75.governed BY the laws of
76.TO the maximum extent possible
77.the intent OF the parties
78.the remainder OF
79.IN a manner that
80.FOR identification purposes
81.use reasonable care IN doing something
82.done WITH reasonable care
83.TO the benefit OF
84.waiver OF a term
85.IN breach OF
86.failure OF/BY either party
87.right accruing UNDER this Agreement
88.agreed UPON/ON
89.FOR the continuing purchase OF goods
90.IN spite OF this provision
91.WITHIN ten days
92.ON or BEFORE the fifth day usd hereIN
94.the premises located AT
95.WITH its principal place OF business AT
96.WITH offices AT
97.set forth IN paragraph
98.effective ON the date hereOF
99.settled BY arbitration
100.BY majority vote

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