26/12/16 Resign – Definition and synonyms

Resign Definition and synonyms


1. (when intransitive, often followed by from) to give up tenure of (a job, office, etc).
2. (transitive) to reconcile (oneself) to; yield ⇒to resign oneself to death.
3. (transitive) to give up (a right, claim, etc); relinquish ⇒He resigned his claim to the throne.

If you resign from a job or position, you formally announce that you are leaving it.

[V] ⇒ A hospital administrator has resigned over claims he lied to get the job.
[V n] ⇒Mr Robb resigned his position last month.

If you resign yourself to an unpleasant situation or fact, you accept it because you realize that you cannot change it.[V pron-refl + to] ⇒Pat and I resigned ourselves to yet another summe without a boat.[V pron-refl to n/-ing] ⇒He had resigned himself to watching the European Championships on television.

Synonyms (depending on different contexts):

Abandon, abdicate, leave, relinquish, renounce, vacate, waive, surrender.