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Your Rights When You’re Stopped by the Police (Part 2)

23/06/16 Your Rights When You’re Stopped by the Police (Part 2)

e-legal lesson

You may not refuse to
stop your car.
give blood or urine samples when you have been involved in an accident with major damage or injury. The police may apply force to help medical personnel take the sample.

You have no say at all when
the police have probable cause to search your car. In this case, they won’t ask permission. An unopened six-pack on the front seat usually won’t give them probable cause to search, but the smell of marijuana will.
the police search the interior from the outside with their flashlights, see something illegal, and seize it.
the police stop and frisk you if they have a “reasonably articulable suspicion” that you may be carrying weapons, drugs, or other contraband.

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