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Running Tips

10/01/17 Running Tips

Running Tips

Running is also called jogging in English. Jogging is one of the least expensive (cheapest) forms of exercise. All you need are a good pair of running shoes.
A whole new set of English words becomes important when you run for exercise.
You might want to do a fun run. That’s a race that is all about having fun and less about finishing first. A fun run is most often a 5K, meaning the course goes for five kilometers.
Color Runs are becoming hugely popular. Runners wear white T-shirts and become covered in yellow, purple, blue, and pink chalk while going through the course.
Mud Runs are very, very challenging. Usually they involve working as a team to get through an extreme obstacle course.  Getting everybody on your team through the events is part of the game.
Want to have a leisurely run through your hometown while being chased by zombies. Then the Zombie Run might be just for you.
To get ready for any of these runs, you have to train. A training routine simply is the plan you have for preparing for a race.  You want to build up your endurance meaning you want to work on running farther and farther. Dedicated runners try to improve their time, meaning they try to go farther in less time. The speed that you run is called setting a pace. Usually you would describe your pace as minutes per mile or kilometers.
You want to build your strength so that you do not get tired or wear yourself out. That’s another way of saying you have exercised so hard that you are exhausted.

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