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Saying Thank You

We all know that showing our appreciation is important. Some of us say thank you often and easily; some don’t. We’re always in such a hurry that sometimes it is difficult to stop to show our gratitude to someone – a coworker, a vendor, even a friend or a relative.

Saying thank you is one of the pillars of a good relationship; you cannot say it too often. But, I think that, together with letters (or calls) of condolence, thank-you letters are possibly the most difficult to write, which is why so many of them arrive late or not at all. It’s as if we got paralyzed.

It is way better to show your appreciation too often than not often enough. A thank-you note doesn’t need to be long, but it has to be sent promptly. When in doubt about whether a thank you is necessary, err on the side of caution. A written thank you is often expected or required.

In many cases, a verbal thank you does not (or should not) replace a written one: thanking someone for their contribution to our charitable project, a provider for going out of their way to meet a very tight deadline, a good customer for a referral are just a few examples.

Here I’ll give you some terms and phrases you’ll find useful whenever you have to write a thank-you note/email/letter.

  • Some people don’t like the “Thanks again” at the end of so many letters. However, it is frequently used. If you like it, use it.
  • Don’t overdo it. A simple “thank you very much” goes a long way.
  • A late thank you is better than not writing at all. You may apologize for the delay by saying something like “I am sorry not to have let you know sooner how very much we appreciated…”
  • Useful words include: appreciate, delighted, fascinated, flattered, grateful, happy, impressed, indebted, one-of-a-kind, overwhelmed, pleased, remarkable, satisfying, sensational, stunned, superb, surprised, thoughtful, thrilled, unique, and valuable.
  • Useful phrases include: I am pleased/grateful…; appreciate this opportunity…; appreciate your confidence/ interest/ kind words/ referral…; as a token of our gratitude; convey my personal thanks to everyone who…; excellent/splendid suggestion; I felt honored that…; wish to express our sincere…; we want you to know how much we value…; we were especially pleased because…; your kind remarks/words.
  • Closings may include: Sincerely, Again, thank you. Best regards, With much appreciation, or Very truly yours.

Thanks so much!

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