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Soccer Terms (Part 1)

11/10/17 Soccer Terms (Part 1)

Soccer Terms Part 1

  • Advantage: a special rule that allows play to continue after a foul if it would be disadvantageous to the team that was fouled.
  • Challenge: Blocking or impeding an opposing player who is in possession of the ball.
  • Corner Kick: A direct free kick awarded if the defending team was the last to touch the ball before it passed over its own goal line.
  • Cross: A long pass into the center from the wing
  • Direct Free Kick: A free-kick resulting from a foul that can be shot into the goal without having to be touched by another player.
  • Dribble: Controlling the ball on the ground with the feet.
  • Free-kick: Awarded after a player has fouled an opponent. May be direct or indirect.
  • Give and Go: A play in which a player makes a short pass to another player and then immediately breaks and receives the ball back.
  • Goal Area: A box surrounding the goal that stops and starts yards to each side of the goal (from the inside of the goal post) and extends into the field 6 yards.
  • Goal Kick: A free-kick awarded the goalie if the offense was the last to contact the ball before passing over the goal line.
  • Hand-ball: When a player other than the goalkeeper touches the ball with his arm or hand.
  • Indirect Free Kick: A free kick resulting from a foul that cannot be shot directly into the goal. If the ball enters the goal without touching another player, the goal is void.
  • Injury Time: Additional time added to the end of each half to compensate for the stoppage of play due to injuries, wasted time, or the scoring of a goal.


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