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Soccer Terms (Part 2)

12/10/17 Soccer Terms (Part 2)

Soccer Terms part 2

  • Mark: To cover a specific opposing player closely to prevent him from receiving the ball.
  • Match: A traditional name for a game
  • Obstruction: A foul caused by preventing an opponent from playing the ball by blocking their path to the ball. Results in an indirect free kick.
  • Offside: An infraction of the rules in which an offensive player does not have at least two defensemen (including the goalie) between them and the goal line when the ball is played forward by a member the offensive team.
  • Penalty Area: Another box surrounding the goal that begins and ends 18 yards to each side of the goal (from the inside of the goal post) that extends 18 yards into the field.
  • Penalty Kick: A direct free kick awarded for a foul occurring in the penalty area. The ball is placed 12 yards from in front of the goal. Only the goalie and fouled player may be in the penalty area during the kick, but any player may play the ball once touched by the goalie.
  • Red Card: Card held up by a referee indicating that a player has been ejected from the game.
  • Slide Tackle: A technique of tackling (stealing) the ball from a dribbler by making contact with the ball while sliding on the turf. May be outlawed in youth leagues.
  • Striker: A forward whose primary responsibility is to pursue goal-scoring opportunities.
  • Sweeper: A defender the roams the defensive zone between the fullbacks and the goalie.
  • Tackle: To take the ball away from a dribbler using the feet.
  • Through Pass: A passed ball that splits a pair of defenders.
  • Throw-In: A technique returning the ball in play when it leaves the field over the touchlines. The player must have both hands on the ball, throw over his head while keeping both feet on the ground.
  • Trap or Trapping: To receive the ball in a controlled manner with any part of the body. Usually trapped with the foot, thigh or chest.
  • Wall: A group of defenders standing near shoulder to shoulder in attempt to defend a free kick near the goal.
  • Yellow Card: A card held up by the referee that warns a player that any further misconduct will result in their ejection from the game.


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