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Strikes and other Union Activity

06/03/17 Strikes and other Union Activity

Strikes and other Union Activity


The process of stopping work or working less effectively in order to protest about your pay, working conditions etc. This kind of action is also called industrial action.


(Showing disapproval) Someone who continues to work when the other people they work with are on strike.

Collective bargaining

Discussions between employers and trade unions about pay and working conditions.

Come out

To stop working as a protest.

Cooling-off period

A pause in an argument, especially one between a company’s management and employees, that gives people time to think calmly about how to reach an agreement.

Direct action

Action such as protests and strikes that workers take in order to force employers to agree to what they want.

General strike

A situation in which all or most of the workers in a particular industry or country stop working in order to force their employers to provide better conditions or higher pay.

Go out on strike

To stop working as a protest.

Grievance procedure

A formal series of actions that an employee has to go through when they want to complain officially about the way that they have been treated at work.

Industrial action

A protest in which workers show that they disagree with a policy of their employer, for example by striking (=refusing to work.)

Industrial dispute

A disagreement between workers and their employer.

Industrial relations

The relationship between the workers and managers in an industry or company.

Industrial tribunal

A court in the UK where workers can bring complaints against their employers.


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