05/01/17 Summer Vocabulary

Summer Vocabulary

It’s summer! And here’s some summer vocabulary:
When we think of summer, we automatically think of the beach.

  •  Get a suntan / Get a tan
  •  Cool off in a lake, river, or even an ocean beach
  •  Go to a swimming pool / go for a swim / take a dip (go for a quick swim)
  •  Wear bathing suits / wear a bikini
  •  Board shorts (surfer style shorts boys or men wear)
  •  Fip flops (Japanese style sandals that are worn at the beach.)
  •  Soak up the rays / go sunbathing or laying out
  •  Pale skin / dark skin / tanned
  •  Get sunburned (too much sun)
  •  Have a healthy glow
  •  Put on sunscreen or suntan lotion
  •  Be barefoot
  •  Play in the sand
  •  Make sandcastles
  •  The beach / the seashore
  •  Sit in the shade
  •  Feel your skin burning
  •  Sandy beach / pebbly beach
  •  Flat sea / waves
  •  Peak season
  •  Resort
  •  Hotel rates
  •  Sun lounger by the pool (outdoor bed that you lie on in the sun)
  •  Go fishing / fishing rod
  •  Go camping / tent
  •  Barbeque
  •  Go hiking

Now, grab your Ipod, towel and book and hit the beach!
Have a great summer and don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!