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Terminology about Soccer (Part 2)

13/6/18 Terminology about Soccer (Part 2)

Advanced Soccer Positions

  • Attacking Midfielder – The midfielder that plays right behind the forwards; they support the offense by providing passes to forwards to set up goals.
  • Central Defender – A player who guards the area directly in front of their own goal, often considered the strongest defender.
  • Central Forward – A team’s best-scoring forward who plays toward the center of the field.
  • Central Midfielder – The midfielder most responsible for organizing play in the midfield area, creating scoring opportunities for the attackers, and often a team’s leader.
  • Defensive Midfielder – The player positioned just in front of their team’s defense and often assigned to mark the opposition’s best offensive player; tends to play more defense as a midfielder.
  • Finisher – A forward or striker who has the ability to “finish” or score when opportunities are given to them.
  • Halfback – Same as a midfielder.
  • Stopper – A hybrid position created between a Central Midfielder and a Defensive Midfielder.  The Stopper usually plays in the center of the midfield in front of the team’s defense.
  • Wingers – The outside forwards and midfielders (often the fastest players and best dribblers) who play on the sides of the field. Their primary task is to provide them with accurate crossing passes so they can shoot at the goal.


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