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Terminology Related to Parties (Part 2)

30/12/16 Terminology Related to Parties (Part 2)

Terminology Related to Parties 2

People who hate parties

party-pooper = someone who doesn’t like parties: “Don’t be such a party-pooper!”

a wet blanket = someone who doesn’t want to have fun: “He’s such a wet blanket.”

Billy no-mates (UK slang) = a man with no friends: “He doesn’t want to go alone to the restaurant and look like Billy no-mates.”

Norma no-mates (UK slang) = a woman with no friends: “She doesn’t want to look like Norma no-mates.”

pour cold water on = someone who turns the atmosphere cold: “So then he had to go and pour cold water on everything by refusing to sing Happy Birthday.”

a wallflower = someone who stands on his own at parties: “Who’s the wallflower over there?”

piss on someone’s fireworks (UK slang) = ruin the happy mood: “Don’t go and piss on his fireworks by turning down the music. Let him have some fun.”

find someone in the kitchen at parties = refer to someone who doesn’t like mixing socially: “You’ll always find Kevin in the kitchen at parties.”

In our next e-Lesson, we’ll share some terminology related to DANCING!


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