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Terminology Related to Parties

29/12/16 Terminology Related to Parties

Terminology Related to Parties

People who love parties

  • The life and soul of the party = the person who’s at the center of all parties! “She’s the life and soul of the party.”
  • let your hair down = forget all your inhibitions: “Go on! Let your hair down for once and have a good time.”
  • have a whale of a time = have a great time: “We had a whale of a time at Sonia’s birthday.”
  • paint the town red = have a wild time: “They painted the town red all weekend.”
  • a party animal = a person who loves going to parties: “John is a real party animal. He’s never at home.”
  • a wild child = a young adult who goes to lots of parties: “Emma is a bit of a wild child.”
  • large it up (UK slang) = have a good time: “She larges it up at the weekend.”
  • a social butterfly = a person with lots of friends and acquaintances: “She’s a bit of a social butterfly.”
  • be a laugh = be good company: “Eric’s a bit of a laugh.”
  • throw a party = have a party: “We’re throwing a party next Saturday.”

In our next e-Lesson, we’ll share some terminology about people who hate parties!


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