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Terminology related to winter

26/6/18 Terminology related to winter

  • A snow day (noun phrase) – a day at home after the cancellation of school for children due to snow, ice, or very cold weather

“Do you think we’ll get enough snow to have a snow day tomorrow?”

  • A cold snap (noun phrase) – the sudden (and maybe unexpected) arrival of very cold weather

“Just yesterday I was sitting outside, enjoying the warm sun at a cafe!! What happened? Where did this cold snap come from?”

  • To hibernate (verb) – to spend the winter dormant (for example, many animals hibernate during the winter months); to withdraw or be in seclusion

“The days are so short and cold during the winter; I just prefer to hibernate at home rather than be outside.”

  • Frigid (adjective) – extremely cold weather/temperatures

“Don’t forget to wear warm clothes to school! It’s frigid this morning.”

  • Slushy (adjective) – from the noun slush, which means partly melted snow

“Ugh, this time of year is so ugly. I’d would prefer colder temperatures to have white snow instead of this slushy mess!”

  • Comfort food (noun phrase) – food that is simple and gives us a feeling of warmth or reminds us of home

“When I’m sick, the only thing I want is some of my mom’s comfort food, like her delicious chicken soup.”

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