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The Difference between American and British English

12/04/17 The Difference between American and British English

The Difference between American and British English

These two varieties of English are very similar. There are a few differences of grammar and spelling, and rather more differences of vocabulary and idiom. Modern British English is heavily influenced by American English, so some of the contrasts are disappearing. Pronunciation is sometimes very different.

There are many differences in vocabulary. Sometimes the same word has different meanings:
GB      mad = crazy
US      mad = angry

And very often different words are used for the same idea:
GB      lorry
US      truck

Here are a few examples:

American English British English American English British English
airplane aeroplane french fries chips
apartment flat/apartment garbage, trash rubbish
area code dialing code gas(oline) petrol
attorney, lawyer barrister, solicitor highway, freeway main road, motorway
cab/taxi taxi mail post
call collect reverse charges movie/film film
can tin restroom public toilet
candy sweets sidewalk pavement
cookie, cracker biscuit sneakers trainers, sports shoes
elevator lift stand in line queue
eraser rubber/eraser store/shop shop
fall/autumn autumn subway underground
first floor, second floor ground floor, first floor, second floor… vacation holiday(s)


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