9/4/18 The Meaning of Minimum


The smallest amount or number allowed or possible:

  • Wage increases are being kept to a minimum because of the recession.
  • Let’s hope we can get the job done with a minimum of interference.
  • We need a minimum of ten people to play this game.

Opposite: Maximum

More examples:

  • Traffic diversions will be kept to a minimum throughout the festival.
  • If your bank account balance falls below the minimum, you’ll get a $5 service charge.
  • She eats only the bare minimum to stay alive.
  • You need a minimum of three players for this game.
  • To open an account, you have to deposit a minimum of $500.

Idiom: keep something to a minimum
To make something as small, few, or little as possible.

  • Do what you can to keep construction dust to a minimum. The dust should be kept to a minimum.