11/07/16 The Use of ‘POINT OF VIEW’


From somebody’s point of view is not quite the same as in somebody’s view/opinion. It usually means something more like “from somebody’s position in life” (for example as a student, as a woman, as a Greek or as a Catholic), and is used to talk about how somebody is affected by what happens. Compare:

  • In my opinion, war is always wrong. (NOT From my point of view, war is always wrong.)
  • He wrote about the war from the point of view of the ordinary soldier.
  • In my view, it’s a pretty good school.
  • You have to judge a school from the child’s point of view.
  • In Professor Luca’s opinion, everybody should work a 20-hour week. From the employers’ point of view, a 20-hour week would cause a lot of problems.