09/08/16 The Use of ‘REMIND’ & ‘REMEMBER’



  • If we remember someone or something, we keep that person or thing in our mind or we bring that person or thing back to our mind:
I will always remember you. You have helped me so much.
Not: I will always remind you.
Suddenly I remembered that I had promised to ring my mother.
  • Remember + to-infinitive means that we don’t forget to do something:
Remember to save your work often, just in case your computer crashes.
  • Remember + the -ing form of a verb means ‘have a memory of something we did or of something that happened in the past’:
I remember meeting her once. It must have been about five years ago.
Not: I remember to meet her once
She said she didn’t remember getting an email from him.
  • We can also use remember + object + to when we ask someone to ‘give regards to’ or ‘say hello to’ someone:
A: Remember me to your parents when you see them.
B: I will. They always ask about you.


  • If a person or thing reminds you of someone or something, they make you think of that person or thing, or they resemble that person or thing:
That song always reminds me of the time I fell in love with an Italian girl.
Not: … always remembers me of the time
Jason reminded me of my father. They had the same eyes and the same way of talking.
Not: Jason reminded me my father.
  • If we remind someone to do something or about something, we make them remember it or help them not to forget it:
He’s probably forgotten he was supposed to be here at 6. Shall I ring him and remind him?
Remind me to email Tony today; otherwise I’ll probably forget.
Not: Remember me to email Tony today;